Client Testimonials


Air Liquide Santé International has been using SafetyEasy® PV for almost a decade. Since we have been very satisfied with the first software database, we have now decided to use SafetyEasy® MD too.

We have to deal with international pharmacovigilance and medical device vigilance of clinical trials. Therefore, we require a secure, reliable, and user-friendly software to be compliant with both safety requirements.

More than just a software vendor, AB Cube has been an important partner in our regulatory compliance.

Global Head, Pharmacovigilance – EU QPPV – Healthcare Global Operations, 
Air Liquide Santé International

SafetyEasy® PV and SafetyEasy® MD are now part of the multivigilance management solution, SafetyEasy® Suite. These vigilances are also available as individual databases.


Laboratoires SMB is active in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of human pharmaceutical products.

Pharmacovigilance activities throughout the lifecycle of a pharmaceutical product require appropriate tools including software like SafetyEasy®. We have been collaborating with AB Cube for our PV system requirements for more than 10 years.

For instance, we use SafetyEasy® PV for the management of clinical and post marketing pharmacovigilance cases. Whereas, SafetyEasy MI® is crucial for the management of medical information related to our products launched on the market.

Among other positive aspects of collaborating with AB Cube, we especially appreciate,

firstly, the user-friendly interface and customisation capability,

secondly, the ability of SafetyEasy® to evolve and adapt to the latest guidelines,

thirdly, the support offered by AB Cube and the responsiveness of their team

All these qualities combined have led us to recommend SafetyEasy® enthusiastically to other companies with pharmacovigilance requirements as we are completely satisfied with AB Cube’s services.

EU QPPV & API Director, 
Laboratoires SMB SA