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After having been using SafetyEasy PV for 8 years, Air Liquide Santé International has decided to use SafetyEasy MD too, since we have been very satisfied of the first AB Cube’s PV software database.

Air Liquide Santé International has to deal at an international level with Pharmacovigilance and Medical Device Vigilance of clinical trials and we need to have a secured, reliable, and user friendly software to be compliant with both safety requirements.

More than just a software vendor, AB Cube has been for 8 years an important partner in our regulatory compliance.


Global Head, Pharmacovigilance - EU QPPV - Healthcare Global Operations, Air Liquide Santé International

Laboratoires SMB are active in the development, manufacturing and marketing of human pharmaceutical products.
All these steps in the life-cycle of a pharmaceutical product involve specific pharmacovigilance activities that require appropriate tools, including software.
In that context, for about ten years, we have been using two AB Cube’s tools, SafetyEasy PV and SafetyEasy MI who have found their places in our pharmacovigilance system. SafetyEasy PV for the management of clinical and post marketing pharmacovigilance cases and SafetyEasy MI for the management of medical information related to our products launched on the market.

For both software, among others, we appreciate on the one hand, their friendly use and customization capability, and secondly, their ability to evolve and adapt to the current guidelines. When you add the support offered by AB Cube and the responsiveness of its team, we can claim to be satisfied with the services of AB Cube. Therefore, we recommend enthusiastically AB Cube’s software to companies with pharmacovigilance requirements.


Dr Lucas Fotsing

EU QPPV & API Director, Laboratoires SMB SA

Our Customers

AB Cube’s customers include pioneer biotechs, leading pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers and distributors, academics, but also many vigilance service providers ands CROs.

The diversity of our customers helped us develop a detailed knowledge and experience in all areas of vigilance, whether spontaneous notifications or clinical studies.

  • MAHs / Biotechs 50% 50%
  • CRO/ CSO 40% 40%
  • Academics 10% 10%

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