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In 2006, when on-premise safety software were the norm, we saw an opportunity to revolutionise the life sciences industry with the very first cloud-based vigilance solution. And since then, we have never looked back. 

Founded in 2006 in France, AB Cube has been the pioneer of SaaS in providing the international healthcare industry with vigilance software solutions for management of adverse events. And now, we are proud to launch our multivigilance cloud-based solution, SafetyEasy® Suite.

To address the challenges of international safety regulations including combination product  reporting, through SafetyEasy® Suite we offer a wide range of dedicated solutions like pharmacovigilance, medical device safety, nutrivigilance and CosmEthics®for cosmetovigilance.

We believe in the power of SaaS

Always one step ahead, we truly believe in the power of SaaS which allows us to be flexible and compliant. In November 2017, we were fully E2B (R3) native and so were all our clients. In 2018, we developed iTAP® – Triage, a universally compatible tool which automates your  ICSRs activities and makes the entire process up to 85% faster. In our Pandora’s box, you will also find a fully dedicated software for Medical Information Management, SafetyEasy® MI, which integrates with all your vigilances in SafetyEasy® Suite. Not only our systems are easy to use, quickly installed and fully evolutive but also our vigilance solutions are all validated according to GAMP 5 and FDA 21 CFR part 11. 


400 Databases installed worldwide

With over 400 databases installed worldwide and more than 2000 unique users, our clients include a diverse range of organisations from academia to CROs to pharmaceutical companies, from France to US to India who are proud to collaborate with us for their pharmacovigilance needs. This diversity ensures that we confidently share our knowledge and experience with our clients in dealing with their varying needs. 

If you would like to know more about AB Cube’s multivigilance solution SafetyEasy® Suite and how it can help your vigilance needs, contact us through our website:  https://www.ab-cube.com/contact/.            

Let’s keep #makingsafetyeasy

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