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After more than 12 years creating vigilance software, with more than 100 cutomers, 400 database in production and more than 1800 users  worldwide, AB Cube has became an international actor recognized and appreciated by its customers throughout the world.


Who we are

Software Engineers

We are mainly IT specialists and software engineers

Validation experts

Validation is a key element of Regulatory compliance. We at AB Cube have Quality and Validation experts working to make validation easier for our customers

Problem Solvers

You have a problem, we have a solution. Our expertise allows us to help our customers with any vigilance issue…

Customer Lovers

We have much more regards for our customer (or future customers) satisfaction. We have many tools ad SOPs to insure that our users are treated as partners.

Few numbers ….




Medical Device Vigilance





# of Database Installed worldwide

# of users

# of cases handled

Our Story

It all begins, 12 years ago with a simple question : How could industry comply with their increasing requirement ?

We created a first database designed on a SaaS model to help MAHs : SafetyEasy.

During those 10 years, we have grown, expanded all over the world and designed a lot of new safety software.

Our Customers profile

  • MAHs 70%
  • CRO/ CSO 20%
  • Academics 10%

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