AB Cube is proud to announce that its Pharmacovigilance dedicated software, SafetyEasy PV™, is now a fully E2B (R3) a drug safety compliant software.

As you know, SafetyEasy PV™ has been able to import and export E2B (R3) XML files for over one year. AB Cube has now taken it one step further: preceding the regulation requirements by 4 months, SafetyEasy PV™ has been redesigned to propose a data entry that strictly follows the E2B (R3) structure. SafetyEasy PV™ is now able to manage “native” E2B (R3) data entry. The changes are numerous and the data entry has become even easier, faster and more comprehensive than ever before with this new format. We are enthusiastic with the improvement and convinced that they will lead to significant time saving and efficiency gain for all SafetyEasy PV™ users.

Of course, retro compatibility is has been maintained, and SafetyEasy PV™ will remain completely able to Export and Import E2B (R2) ICSRs.

We wish our users a very nice experience with SafetyEasy PV™. We are also very eager to make you discover the new version of SafetyEasy PV™ if you are not yet a user of it ! Contact us for more information.